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Computer Repair Darlington

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Do you live and/or work in the Darlington area and have a computer that is in need of repair?  Then look no further, as help is just a phone call away!


Nearly all of us use computers every day for a wide variety of tasks, sending emails, online shopping, watching TV, writing letters etc.  When you're trying to get work done and your computer is running slow or just isn't performing in some other way, it can often be very frustrating.


When something does go wrong, Harvey I.T. are just a call away, and can quickly put things right and get your PC or laptop working again the way it should.


Offering a full range of PC and laptop repairs, many repairs are even completed on the same day, as the aim is to get you back up and running as quickly as possible.


With many years of experience, you can rest assured that whatever problem your PC or laptop may develop, whether you need a screen replacement, or have a software issue, Harvey I.T. will be able to get it repaired.  All customers are kept up-to-date with regards to fix time and progress, no chargeable work is ever completed without the owners consent.


So, if you are based in the Darlington area, and have a computer that needs repairing, why not get in touch!

Business Computer Repair in Darlington

Are you a business owner in Darlington, and have computer problems that are slowing down your productivity and even possibly causing you to lose money?  If you have a computer that is in need of repair, and want it fixed with the minimum of fuss and hassle, then look no further to get your problem fixed and get back to business!

Catering mainly to small to medium-sized businesses including charitable organisations in Darlington, that don't have their own in-house IT department, even if you do have in-house support, you may occasionally require outside assistance, as quite often the 'IT department' happens to just consist of someone who's main job isn't computer repair, but is the 'go-to' person, if there is a problem.

Computer Repair Clients in Darlington

Unable To Print From Windows 10 To HP Printer

Was contacted by a client on the outskirts of Darlington, who wasn't able to print from their Windows 11 laptop to their HP desktop printer.      The client had tried different things to resolve, including direct connection using a USB cable, but they still hadn't had any luck and they weren't really sure what they were doing, so asked for a home visit.    From experience, I find that desktop printers can sometimes be quite a challenge, where some manufacturers are worse than others, and going by the description given, it wasn't easy to tell what the problem was!    However, after a little bit of investigation, couldn't resolve the original problem, but managed to find a workaround to the client's satisfaction!

Windows 10 Profile Problems

Was contacted by a home user client in Neasham outside Darlington, who couldn't log-in to his Windows 10 Desktop PC, or rather he could, but everytime he did, it kept logging him into a temporary profile, so he didn't have any of his normal icons on the desktop.    Rather than scheduling a home visit, with his consent, I managed to provide him with some instructions over the phone, and also remotely connected to his PC, to troubleshooting the problem.  Didn't take too long to resolve, and the client was able to work properly with his computer again!