Do you need assistance with?:

  • You press the power button on your PC and nothing happens?
  • Hard drive/SSD failed, or you think it has?
  • You switch on your computer, and it hangs or freezes at the Windows logo?
  • Your computer is making a funny noise, and you don't know what it is?
  • You've knocked your coffee over your laptop keyboard, and the screen has gone blank?
  • Or anything not mentioned above?

Whatever the problem, an attempt will be made to try to resolve the issue on-site, however if the nature of the problem means that that is not possible, then a workshop repair will become necessary. It is always a priority to get repairs completed as quickly as possible, and to your complete satisfaction.

So, no matter what problem you have, or what make of computer you have, whether it's an Acer, Sony, Dell, HP, Toshiba etc, we will be happy to assist you in any way we can.

Common Desktop Issues:

  • Power supply fault or failure
  • No sign of life / won't power on

Common Laptop Issues:

  • Screen cracked/blank screen/lines across screen - often due to either a failed screen or related component
  • No sign of life / won't power on
  • Internet/Wireless connectivity problems
  • DC jack repair (loose connector)
  • Keyboard not working or individual keys not responding

Desktop & Laptop Computer Repairs



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