Does this describe you?

  • A small or large office with data/network cabling everywhere?

  • Failing equipment and/or cabling, which is in dire need of replacement?

  • Moving offices and need existing equipment re-installing?

  • Moving offices and require brand new cabling and network points?

Whatever your circumstances and requirements, Harvey IT Services offers a range of network installation options, from installing a network of computers in an office to running ethernet cabling (CAT5/CAT6) and fitting all related equipment, right from the 'end user' network sockets in a room, to the 'business end' networking equipment in a comms cabinet.

Network Installation & Cabling Solutions



Unreliable network sockets?
Untidy cabling?
Pull-your-hair-out troubleshooting, because you don't know what's connected to what?
Need extra data points installing?